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What more perfect a proposition, than combining an amazing coffee with your favourite alcoholic beverage. INFUSEME coffee beans are designed for the connoisseur of fine and interesting things. For someone who is looking for something new and exciting. INFUSEME coffee is unique, in that it infuses some of your favourite spirits into our specially selected coffee beans, imparting and pairing perfectly the flavours of the spirit with the great taste of our coffee, to produce something that's outta this world.

It's awesome!

Even if we say so ourselves.

The INFUSEME coffee varieties you have to choose from include

-Whiskey, Spiced Rum, Brandy, Liqueur and Port infused coffee beans.



All you need to do is select your desired INFUSEME coffee beans and then start enjoying something that's completely unique and very intoxicating.


INFUSEME varieties
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